Monday, September 6, 2010

Hege Family Teaser

I had a blast photographing our friends Brian, Lindsay and their little girl Lila this evening. We all go to church together and our little girls are a mere 3 weeks apart. This family is such a blessing to us and as you can tell they are also a blast to be around:-). I hope Brian doesn't mind that I chose to post this picture but, I absolutely loved it the second I saw it. It's a family being a family and a little girl who has both of her parents wrapped around her finger. It's perfect! I will be posting a lot more of this super fun photo shoot on my photo blog later this week at casey martinez photography so stay tuned!


  1. I love looking at your photography! So beautiful! And the picture of Daisy sleeping is just so adorable!! I hope for your sake she's sleeping that good at night! :)

  2. So cute!! Love the look on the little girls face. It looks like she is saying talk to the hand. LOL! Great capture.

  3. That's such a cute picture!! Your friends look like so much fun to be around, and the look on the baby girl's face is too funny! You have an amazing way with capturing neat moments like this.

  4. LOL love this shot - it looks like you fully captured their personality.

  5. Oh, this is AWESOME! What a precious shot! :-) I just realized...I think I've commented on the wrong blog before now that I see this one. Whoops - I didn't realize you had two. I really enjoyed scrolling down and seeing your work. Sleeping baby - PRECIOUS, and your scavenger hunt shots were fantastic! :-) Happy Tuesday to ya!

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  7. Great picture and I'm so excited for you to start photography on the side. Congrats on persuing your passion.


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