Monday, September 20, 2010

Four Pack Dedication Day

this banner above was designed by Todd, Sam's Dad and was shown on the projector at church while the babies were being dedicated.
above: the first ever all family four pack picture: left to right: Brian, Lindsay and Lila Hege, Evan, Jen and Raelyn Chaisson, US, Todd, Lindsey and Sam Davis. The whole Gang!
Daisy is already hungry for the word!! She was eating it up:).
My baby is my favorite present ever!
Crack up!
Above: She looks as if she'd like to say< " Is this one for me?"
The Martinez FAm.
Great Grandpa Bailey and Daisy having a stare down:)
Jess and her BF Noah
Me and my sissy Jessie Poo - Love her:)!
Grandma Martinez and miss Daisy
The Martinez/Bailey gang
awesome neighbors, Raechel, Annie, Travis and Erin. So great that you guys made it!

This past Sunday 9/19/2010 Daisy, along with the 3 other babies of the four pack, were dedicated at our church. Dedications are special in that they allow us as parents to publicly stand before our church with our children and ask them to pray for our families that we would raise our children in the faith and for wisdom to do a good job. It's a day of dedicating our little ones to the Lord's care and guidance. It's special! I thought I would be more nervous or frazzled at the coming of such a big event but, I surprised myself and overall the day went so well. We were so blessed that our neighbors and family members that live here could come and support us and Daisy at church! Joey was nervous on stage as he prayed for our family which to me was really cute and Daisy was past her nap time so she was squirming all over the place and trying to crawl out of my arms while she slobbered all over my hair and shirt. The moments we will never forget! :). After church all of the four pack families met up at the Pastor's home (he is Grandpa to Lila) and we had a wonderful potluck style lunch. It was a big celebration with over 50 people in attendance. The house was bursting at the seams! Awesome! We ate outside with our family and had an absolute blast as Daisy opened her first presents ever!! She LOVED the wrapping paper and could have easily torn it or eaten it to pieces but, we took it away before she could do so:). She was blessed with some really special gifts and we are just so thankful to everyone who made this day special for all of us! More importantly than that, thank you Jesus for our precious Daisy. She is the most priceless gift we have been given and every day with her we grow and learn more about God's love. What a miracle a child is!

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."
Proverbs 22:6


  1. What great photos and what a special day for all 4 babies and families. Hope your having a great day

  2. That picture with Great Grandpa is beautiful. It shows them really sharing a moment together, eye to eye. Love it! Congratulations on the dedication!

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment with us!!! Praise God for soooo many blessings but especially our babies!!

  4. These are great! So awesome that they all got dedicated at the same time. That banner is neat.

  5. How sweet she got a little Bible! So glad we could celebrate with you all!

  6. This looks like quite the event. Love the photos.

  7. I still can't get over your "four pack". (Totally jealous.) And how SPECIAL that they could all be dedicated at the same time too. That really is great. What an awesome occasion to celebrate.


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