Monday, February 28, 2011

11 Months Old

One second Daisy was sitting and looking out the window and the next she toppled over, (very gently, I promise!) and then just laid like this, looking at me as if to say, "mom, I just fell. Aren't you going to freak out and come help me up?" Even her little bow fell off! lol. It was a really cute little moment and don't worry she didn't even cry. lol.
I adore this picture below. I know her arms look a little weird if you stare at them too long but, it was so sweet to watch her sitting there like a little girl and then she started playing with her hair! Love those chunky arms and those perfect little piggie toes!

Daisy's 11 Month News

*Can say: mama, num nums, bye, hi, dada and uh (for uh oh). She does not say anything on cue though. She only says things when she wants to.

*Understands what I mean when I say, doggie, bath time, let's go bye bye, let's go see dada, want a snack, say hi, dance, night night, blankie, poppie (pacifier), I love you, kisses and toys

*Wants to be held 24/7 but, does not like sitting still while being held. She likes to walk around. My arms are dying! I'm going to buy a back carrier for her off of Craigslist soon!

*Nurses 4 times a day and eats fruit or eggs and toast for breakfast, lunch is whatever I am eating and dinner is usually her baby food veggies because she hates eating chunks of veggies by hand and I want to make sure she eats vegetables. I foresee food challenges ahead. She eats just about anything and everything now.

*Drinks water out of her sippy cup but hasn't 100% mastered how to drink on her own all the time (occasionally she gets it)

*Takes 2 naps a day now. They are usually only 45 minutes or an hour long each. I cannot tell you how much I wish she napped longer but, maybe it will happen in time.

*DRUM ROLL........(Ttttttaaaatttttdddaaatt) Daisy has been sleeping through the night for the past 3 weeks in a row now!!!! I want to clarify that she does still wake up several times a night but, she generally just makes a little noise and falls right back to sleep with our without her pacifier now. I still keep like 5-10 pacifiers in her crib and she now can find them on her own at night. Thank you Jesus!!! This has been a DRAMATIC life change for me. It took me 2 weeks just to feel good getting a full nights sleep because my body didn't even know how to appreciate the extra hours. Now I devour my full night and am SO thankful for it. No crazy CIO. It just started happening all on it's own but, it took 10 months!! Yeehaw!!

*Has gotten very brave about her standing without holding anything and has come very close to taking a step or two on her own!!

*Does NOT like to be away from me or Joey. She cries pretty much the entire time we are in church and she is in the nursery. If we go on a date she cries while we are gone. I look forward to when she enjoys hanging out with other people in our absence! It just makes things harder on all of us but, it's normal for this phase.

*Enjoys a 10 minute bath but, generally wants to stand up and hold the spout the entire time.

*Wears size 12 months clothes but, is very, very close to outgrowing them!

*Wears size 3 Pampers Cruisers diapers but, is also VERY close to outgrowing these as well.

*Claps, dances, is uber ticklish, laughs a little bit more often (still not as much as I'd like), loves to cuddle when she is sleepy, LOVES to eat ALL the time, can play by herself in our living room with her toys for about 30 minutes as long as she can see me nearby.

*Is such a sweetheart. Seriously, Daisy glows, radiates and shines every where we go. She is a doll and an absolute joy to parent. I am loving this phase because she engages more and understands so much. It's a blast!!

Happy Happy 11 months Daisy Love!!

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Daisy's 11 month news
(Being that Daisy's birthday is March 31st it is tricky deciding when to actually celebrate her monthly dates. I could celebrate each month on the last day of the month which is what I am doing tonight or I could keep going into the next month until it has been 31 days but, then that month is too short. lol. It's an interesting dilemma)


  1. I love these photos. So sweet. It was great to see her yesterday. I can't wait to hang out again this week.

  2. OOOH! These are such sweet pretty photos of such a precious beautiful 11month old!!!!!

    Yay for sleeping through the night!!! Super yay!

    And hey, that "window" you have in the pictures... SUPER CUTE!

  3. Hooray she's sleeping through the night!! Those are beautiful pics as always! I love the soft glow and the colors and the different Daisy expressions :)

  4. I love her dress! She is the prettiest little thing and I can't believe she is going to be ONE next month!!! Sooo crazy!!!

  5. that picture of her looking out the window is so priceless, i think you should frame it and sell it. So elegant and girly! Love your little Daisy! What a big girl she is getting to be!!

  6. These are beautiful pictures!!! What are you doing for her b'day - have you decided what kind of party she's having?

  7. The toppled over, lost a hair bow picture is the BEST! I love how they look at you, like you made them fall over!! Haha!

  8. pictures are great Casey, you are putting that new camera to good use. I do love those (as I call them) rubber band wrists and piggy toes too. Love that you are getting a full night sleep!

  9. These pictures are so beautiful - I love the way the light hits her...I especially love the shot taken from behind with that beautiful backlighting.

  10. Such amazing shots! I love the processing, too!

  11. Gorgeous, as usual!! Great job!!

  12. Popping over from Ashley's blog. Just wanted to say that sweet little Daisy is a doll! (And, these photos are amazing.)

    Have a blessed day!

  13. She is adorable!! I just want to give her a big hug! :) COngrats on her sleeping through the night! Soooo nice!!! Now, hopefully she doesn't get sick and that get messed up again! Hate that. I hear ya on the crying thing with others! Nursery isn't going too well for Luke either. :( I'm bummed. Although if we have to get a sitter he does WELL when his brothers are around, so that is helpful. He does fine with my mom (one door down) and sister (across the street) .

    She's a doll! A real blessing! I enjoy knowing you through your blog!

    Can I ask you... next time you are in Cali, maybe after the baby, can I get you to do pics for our family :)

  14. this pictures are just beautiful, I absolutely love the light! I'm your new follower!

  15. I can hardly believe how big she is getting!! :) She is such a cutie- I love all the beautiful pics!


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