Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 14 and Day 15

Day 14 - Post An Outfit Pic

I have shared before that I am pretty simple when it comes to my attire. I wish I knew how to dress all awesome, layered and retro but, I SO don't. This is me. Jeans, a chic and yet comfortable top, simple accessories and maybe a punchy colored pair of shoes. Ta Da! hehe And by the way, this was me getting dressed up for church...imagine how I look on the normal, home all day, mom days! After doing these, post an outfit challenges I feel challenged to get more creative with my outfits. I will post pictures if I am ever successful at this! lol

Day 15 - Write to Encourage A Friend. Inspire Her Beauty

To my Dear Sweet Marme (mom):

Where do I even begin? I seriously don't know what I did to deserve being blessed with such an incredible friend and mother all wrapped up into one. I am just thinking about the millions of memories I have with you and how through it all I have nothing but, complete and total respect for you. You raised four children to deeply know and love Jesus Christ. You tirelessly got us to church just about every Sunday and often on Wednesdays for years even when I know it was hard to do. You did devotionals with us on school nights and prayed with us at our bedsides. You got us 7up when we were sick and always spoiled us with Valentine's and Easter still do sometimes which is so cute! You drove 3 hours one night just to drop my favorite homemade cake off at my doorstep on my birthday. It had been a tough birthday and you literally touched my heart in a profound way by driving so far knowing you would not even be able to see me. I will never forget that! You always give thoughtful gifts. You listen to me...really listen. I know that when I am talking to you that you are hearing me and that I make sense to you. That is the most amazing feeling. To know that someone gets me. That my feelings matter. You encourage me endlessly with your wisdom and Godly counsel. You keep my spiritual life fresh by challenging me and our God talks always ignite a new fire in my soul. You know my ugliest mistakes...and yet you extended the love of Christ to me when I needed it most to forgive myself. I will never forget that either. Because of you I know the King of Kings and that is something I am eternally grateful for! You rock my world mom. I know you are going to be so embarrassed that I bragged this much about you but, the truth is...after raising 4 children, enduring a million late nights with sick kids, rough days with mouthy teenagers, endless homework assignments, chores, dinners and errands, teacher conferences etc....You dear marme deserve every word of this! I love you so much. You are most definitely beautiful inside and out!!



  1. Um, where did you get that shirt? Me likey. :-)

  2. I think you are so 'in' are one of those that can look in with nothing on probably~ha! And that letter to your sweet, you are loved no getting around it.

  3. Cute outfit. :)

    Great letter to your mom too.

  4. That outfit looks great! Especially love the shoes;)

  5. ok, first of all - you are just such a beautiful woman!! and secondly, this made me tear up! what an amazing gift for your mom. if i ever got a letter like that from one of my kids, i would absolutely melt into puddles of joy. well done, gorgeous and generous daughter!

  6. Casey, what a beautiful letter to your mom. Your mom is such an inspiration. And I see you following in her footsteps in the things you do with Daisy. :-)


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