Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Park Day

My friend Lindsay and her little girl Lila (four pack) met us at the park on Valentine's Day. Of course I got lost driving there because that is just what I do...not fun but, eventually I found them and we had a great time! It was Daisy's first official day at the park! Daisy warmed up to the swing really fast. She liked being pushed gently and she held on really well. It didn't take long for her to start acting silly and giving me lots of smiles.

wee, this is so much fun mommy!

How adorable is Lila's owl hat! I want to get something like this for Daisy next winter...maybe a monkey hat!

Then we moved over to the sandbox that had nice soft sand. Daisy has never played in sand before and she loved it as you can tell by the pictures that follow. She also loves hanging out with her baby friends. It's so cute to watch babies interact. They don't quite get how to "play" but, they like touching each others faces and staring at each other. It cracks me up!
Daisy's smiley personality is so much fun. Her lively expressions never get old!
LOOOVVVEE this sweet smile and look at all those teeth Daisy has!
I love when Daisy smiles really big she also points her toes. Gotta love it!

My friend Lindsay getting the girls excited
Remember, I'm working on getting in the pictures more....so here I am. yeah!
I had a lot of fun at the park with Daisy and even hung around for a while after Lindsay and Lila had to get going so we could soak up the fun a little longer. Daisy loved the feel of the sand between her fingers and she especially loved being pushed in the swing. Doncha love her I love Daddy t- shirt for Valentine's Day. That was her gift to Daddy.

As I type my little kiddo is fighting a nap because she is sick. I'm not sure if this cold is being brought on by even more teething or if she is just sick. It's a bad cold. Tons of snot and tons of sneezing. I feel so bad for Daisy when she is sick because she wants her pacifier for comfort but, she can't breath so she fights sleep even more than normal and is SO fussy. Long day and night ahead of us I'm sure. Pray this clears up fast!


  1. Kaela is going through the same cold problems with her pacifier:( And I'm so jealous that its warm enough there you can take your baby to the park and i LOOVE that picture of her toes pointing:)

  2. You had such a beautiful day to spend outside!

  3. you take so many great photos of her and she loves to smile and have fun! What a fun daughter you have!!! That is a cute hat your friends daughter has...monkey would be cute on Daisy! Love those skinny jeans on Daisy...oh to have a girl!!!

  4. I love that she points her toes when she smiles really big. So cute!! I totally forgot to ask you about your new camaera. Hopefully I remember the next time I chat with you.

  5. I hope sweet Daisy feels better soon! It is awful when they don't feel well. (Thanks for all your sweet comments) Her pictures are so good!! She is so stinkin cute!! I can't get over how fast she is growing up!!

  6. Great photos. Hope she feels better soon! That looks like a nice park. Where is it? I would love go there.

  7. Wonderful pictures! :) those girlies are so cute! i just took my son Brady for his first day a few days ago too! :) & have the same swing pics! :) I bet Daisy had a great time :)

  8. Lila had such a great time with Daisy at the park! And for anyone interested, her hat is from The Sunshine Stitch Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheSunshineStitch.

  9. I'm sorry to hear Daisy's sick! Hope she feels better real soon. The park day looked like so much fun! Those are really adorable pics and Daisy's smile is such a joy to see, esp. the one where she points her toes.

    Reminds me of two sentences I read in "Life of the Beloved": Have you ever noticed the joy of a mother when she sees her baby smile? The baby's smile is a gift to the mother who is grateful to see her baby so happy!

  10. i just love the pointed toe laugh, and also her little leg chub between her sock and her pants, so adorable!!

  11. The toe point is hilarious! Cute photos - hope she feels better fast.

  12. so adorable!!

    Hope your little one gets well soon!

  13. These pictures are so cute! I love the picture with the two of you! It looks like a beautiful day! :) I can't wait to get outside to the beach again. I am so happy you had a beautiful day!

    Mama Hen


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