Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 16 and 17 - Project 31

Day 16 - Write a letter to your daughter. Tell her what beauty means.

Dearest Daisy:

What does beauty mean? First and foremost I believe that true beauty comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus. His word alive in your heart will make you radiant! Read what his word says about His love for you. Hold tight to every promise He has for your life. If ever you doubt how beautiful you are His word will build you back up. What does beauty mean? It means being comfortable in your skin and embracing what God made you to be. He designed you perfectly and has wonderful plans for your life!! Anything that ever tries to tell you otherwise is a lie. That I can promise you!

Every time you smile so big that I can see your 8 little teeth I am in awe of how beautiful you are. You have no knowledge yet of insecurities, jealousy, comparing yourself to others, or the current warped beauty standard that the media glamorizes. You are the epitome of beauty right now and I wish that the things that tarnish beauty could never touch you. As long as I am here I will do all that I can to teach you that beauty comes from within and pours through to the outside! I love you my sweet Daisy Love. Your beauty is captivating and that is the truth!

Love you with all my heart,

Day 17 - Write about 3 Things that Make Me Happy
(I am going to steer away from my main answers - Jesus, hubby, daughter, family, friends etc. because you all know those things about me already )

1. Landscaping intrigues me. I also really enjoy yard work. I love how landscaping can transform the entire look of a home. A well landscaped yard makes me happy. Ever since my hubby and I moved in to our new home we have both found that working in our yard makes us happy!

2. Photography. I thoroughly enjoy the entire process of taking pictures, editing them and soaking up the finished product. A beautiful memory captured and a piece of art as well!

3. Soft things. I have a thing for fleece/cashmere and soft new cotton - jammie pants, blankets, sweaters, socks, etc. I love the feel of that texture. It is comforting to me. When I walk down an aisle in a store that has a big soft stuffed animal or super soft blanket I usually like to brush it as I walk by...it may sound weird, but, it makes me happy!



  1. I always brush my fingers over things I like in a store! I probably look creepy stroking all the stuff but I can't hold myself back! I love the letter for Daisy and that its centered on God:)

  2. I am going to send you every soft thing I see now:-) Sorry I haven't commented on your blog lately! I do see the posts, but I always want to say so much and there is a child pulling at me. Anyways, beautiful letter to miss Daisy, what a privilege you have to teach her about beauty! What a wonderful mommy you are and will continue to be!!

  3. Casey, this is such a beautiful letter to Daisy!

  4. I love landscaping too - I just wish I was good at it! :)

    Hope your hubby is feeling well!

  5. Beautiful letter to your precious daughter! And sooo true! She has a great example to look up to!

  6. Beautiful letter and the 3 things that make you happy are great. I also LOVE soft things and like you typically touch them in a store.


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