Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brushing Baby Teeth

Daisy has 8 teeth completely in and one molar working it's way through which is making her all sorts of miserable. Now that she is eating real people food her breath that once smelled so sweet and fresh...doesn't smell so sweet and fresh anymore. It's not terrible but, I also figured it wouldn't hurt to start brushing her teeth now to get her used to it. Fortunately for me, she loves the process! Don't mind Daddy's random chatter in the beginning. He was on a phone call.

I love this video and was unable to load it via blogger for the longest time. Thank you youtube for making video sharing much easier on me! Daisy loved playing with all of my books and I never read half of them so it wasn't a big deal. Love watching babies having fun!

We went out to eat a couple weeks ago with our family to a restaurant that grills in front of us. Daisy does great at places like this because it is so entertaining for her and frankly..I get to enjoy myself more too since she is more distracted. I won't go into detail but, there was a little confusion at one point and I ended up being sung the birthday song and was given ice cream (quite tasty sherbet) that was intended for a boy sitting on the other end of our grill table. Yes, I felt bad and never would have stolen a kids thunder intentionally but, it really was a misunderstanding. The boy eventually did get his own ice cream too so it worked out. Funny story to tell for years to come!



  1. She is so good about brushing her teeth! It probably feels so good to have her gums massaged! Happy Un-Birthday? Hee hee! We bring our kids to Plum Garden often and they love the hibatchi! I never went with them at that age. How cute that she loves it!

  2. I remember K getting in to all our books...but now she's at the point where she will start ripping out pages so I can't let her have that fun anymore. It's so much fun watching them discover new things. :)

  3. Ha ha. Too funny about the birthday song. Love the tooth brushing video. Too cute!


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