Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Changes

I got these curtains on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond. Can we all say hip hip hooray for a great deal! I planned on using them in my living room but, they didn't work out in there. I love them in our dining room though which was a pleasant surprise! I must add that that this picture does not do them justice! I'm all about hanging curtains high and wide so I was very happy that these curtains came in 95 inch panels. The next steps in the dream dining makeover...hardwood floors and a new dining set! hehe

Thank you Jesus that my hubby is handy and good with measurements. I would hyperventilate if I had to hang my own curtains! It's shameful how much I dislike that part of home improvement projects.
I know all of our family loves to see Daisy's cute face in every blog post so since I am sleepy and running low on time here are some of the little bean to hold you over;-). Daisy does not like getting her diaper changed anymore because it requires me to lay her down and that frustrates the heck out of her. Sitting up on the changing table is just fine long as I let her empty the entire contents of her diaper basket to play with;0. lol She is all about emptying things lately..bags, purses, buckets, baskets. The bigger the mess the better! haha

I don't know if you have noticed but, Daisy's hair has really started to grow a lot lately!
I'm tired tonight! We just spent a nice evening in our home with some great friends who we haven't seen in a while. It was so nice to catch up, laugh, play video games and also have some serious conversations and a great time of prayer together. There is something really amazing about friendships that are comfortable enough and wise enough to take time out to talk to the Lord. That's why we appreciate these folks so much!

The weather has been gorgeous here in NC this past week! It's been averaging around 60 plus degrees everyday. The hubs and I took advantage of the sunshine and warmth by cleaning our cars, hanging curtains in our dining room which has been curtainless for 3 years (!!!) and also sanding and repainting our dining room hutch. It is so nice to be making small little changes for the better in our home without spending a lot of money. It always makes me happy to make my home more homey!

We found out today that our Pastor is resigning, but on good terms. He feels called into other forms of ministries so we are very happy for him. It is going to be an adjustment and yet another change in our lives but, we know God has a plan in this and we trust Him! We are excited to see what is next in all of this!

Well, blog land, it's off to sleepy land for me. Night!



  1. ok, didn't have time to read it but I LOVE YOUR CURTAINS!!! Can I have them please? And Daisy looks soooo old...she is turning into a little girl Casey!

  2. LOVE your dining room! Beautiful. Sweet pictures too. I was so tired last night too - too tired to blog! :)

  3. The dining room looks so good! At first I thought the pictures was from a magazine... it looks beautiful!

  4. Amazing how a simple set of curtains can change a room, huh?! Beautiful! Your daughter is a doll. Hope you get some rest! :)

  5. Good shopping and great curtains! Love Daisey's new hair. Such a cutie pie

  6. she is so precious. and those curtains - love!! yay for clearance!

  7. I love deals! And those curtains are so pretty and go so well in your dining room. Great job! :)


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