Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video Fun

I have SO many little videos to catch up on 20. So I think I am going to have to start posting a few a week until I get caught up! So hope you don't mind lots of live Daisy footage! lol I'm also feeling the challenge to do a personal of me answering questions or just chatting about random nothings. A lot of bloggers are doing this and I always enjoy their videos..though the thought of doing it myself is terrifying!! I don't like being on video EVER...but, I think it could be good therapy! hehe. If I ever get gutsy enough...stay tuned!

In other news, while I was out running errands yesterday I decided to listen to a Jeremy Riddle CD that I haven't played in a long time. I am a big fan of JR. He sings such powerful praise songs straight from his heart and yesterday one song in particular really impacted me. The funny thing to me is that I wasn't feeling low or overwhelmed when I started listening to the song. I think that the Lord saw that I needed the weight that I have been carrying for some time now, lifted from me even when I didn't know it was there. I literally had tears in my eyes and felt my chest well up with emotion as I listened to the powerful chorus of this song. God is SOOOO GOOD!!! Whatever you are going through...big or small, cast it on the Lord today and let him carry it for you!

Surrendered in Praise

Whenever I'm low and sinking down
When I'm overwhelmed and doubts abound
When I've lost all heart and the will to fight
When despair sets in and my day is night

Lift up my head, make steel my gaze
Cast out my fear, move me to faith
Surrendered in praise
To Your glorious grace, Jesus

Whenever I'm tired and I feel alone
When oppression mounts and trials come
When the father of lies, his arrows fly
When there are no answers
And my dreams, they die

In my heart of hearts where these battles rage
My strength it fails and my courage fades
In my distress I cry aloud to You

You lift my head, and You steel my gaze
You cast out fear, and I'm moved to faith
Surrendered in praise
To Your glorious grace, Jesus

This video is not on youtube as far as I could tell but, if you look up Jeremy Riddle on Google under this song title it should pull it up as a myspace music link. Enjoy!


  1. What a great video - she is so precious! Thanks for sharing!!

    I've wanted to do some video posts - I love the one that was going around a week or two ago that asked what you called certain things & how you pronounced certain words. I am sure with my East Texas Twang I would get a few laughs! I need to find it again so I can write down the questions!

  2. she is too cute casey! I love the little squints she gives "I love you mommy!". Those lyrics sound pretty good to me right now, I may have to look that song up!

  3. The other day a song came into my mind, a song that I learned back when I was little in Bible class. But, the day it came to my mind it took on new meaning, and I got chills. I love how God uses everything, even music to bring us closer to Him.


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