Saturday, February 5, 2011


A boyish version of a Valentine's Gift. Gotta throw in a little blue!

About two months ago our xbox got the red ring of death. Have you ever heard of that? It basically means that your xbox is toast and you are out $200. Fun times. Joey, being the smart, techie guy that he is, was able to fix it but, according to the forums the "fix" is really only a temporary extension of the xbox life. We stream Netflicks and watch Bones and other shows with Daisy on a daily basis. Joey also likes to play video games a few nights a week while I blog. All in all we use the xbox a ton! Joey's fix gave us an extra two months of life on our xbox. It died for good last night and my heart broke for my hubs. If you could have seen the look of despair on my husband's face I think it would have broken your heart too!

See, we have been going through a heck of a season lately with the hubs and his health. {Who would have thought we would have health issues in our late 20's...I swear, if this doesn't make us feel old I don't know what will!} This season has been expensive with lots of medical bills and quite draining in that we have yet to solve all of the health mysteries even after all that we have already done. We are making progress though, praise Jesus and I pray that in time these issues will be a thing of the past.

It has been a LONG time since I have been able to really spoil my husband. We simply don't have the $$ to make large purchases for ourselves or for each other. I'm not complaining need to play a violen for me. We are very blessed and have lots of goodies. Back to my story...Before we got married, we participated in an awesome marriage bible study with some older couples and at that time I learned that one of Joey's love languages is gifts..both giving them and getting them. For Christmas and birthdays he has always picked his own gift out because he usually wants a fishing pole or something that I really cannot pick out for him. So, big surprises are an extreme rarity around our casa.

The look on my husband's face last night said a multitude of things without him needing to speak a word. It said, "great another thing breaking that I can't fix and cannot afford to replace." It said, "I'm tired God, I can't handle all of this stuff going wrong in my life right now." You know the feeling. We have all been there at one time or another.

Immediately a light bulb went off for me and I decided that I would use some of the money I had saved for emergencies when I still had my outside job to surprise Joey. I was not only going to buy him a new xbox but, I was going to buy him the Kinect!! To throw Joey off I told him not to worry about the xbox and that we would save for it and get a new one in the next couple of months. Mean, I know...but, so WORTH it;0. hehe

I went out to Best Buy today while Joey was at his first fishing tournament a couple of hours away and purchased the new xbox and kinect. I was seriously more giddy than I have been in years. I haven't even been that excited about my own presents. Giving is SO much fun isn't it!! I came home and wrapped it up and hid it so I could give it to Joey later in the evening.

After we got home from baby Sam's first birthday party today (he is the oldest in the four pack of Daisy's friends..lots of pictures to come from the party!), we put Daisy to bed and Joey started talking about the dead xbox and wondering what we are going to do at night with no TV or video games to play. I agreed. I wouldn't know what we would do either....what did people do before these things??? Kidding. I told Joey that I got myself a heat pad today for my back and that I got him a cheesy "as seen on TV" present from Bed Bath and Beyond because I wanted him to have a present too. Is it okay to tell a falsie for the sake of preserving a surprise?? I'm just hoping Jesus understands this one;0. lol. Joey was really excited just knowing that he had a present to open which cracked me up. Clearly, I need to do this more often!! I loved throwing him so off course with the As seen on TV thing because he was 100%, completely, totally taken back when he opened the gift. He teared up big time. He was so shocked he really didn't even know what to say. He was ecstatic and I was in HEAVEN. Once he processed it more he wanted a hug and couldn't stop telling me how happy he was and how awesome I am. That is the best feeling in the world as a be told that I am awesome and to know how much he means it! hehe. We had about 5 minutes of giggles, lots of hugs, thanks and kisses. You could say it was the highlight of the day! lol

Now he is installing it and I am blabbing way too much because this was a memory I simply did not want to forget. Thank you Jesus for making this gift possible and for blessing my husband with something that he deserves! There is nothing better than a little life boost when you need it most!! God is indeed awesome!

Now, let's get our game on!

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  1. You guys are so cute! How fun! Glad you could surprise him!

  2. Loved this post, LOVED it! Great for you Casey! You are awesome and so is Joe! We love you guys!

  3. by the way, there is a serious amount of love in Joe's eyes in the last picture, so very very very moving and sweet :)!

  4. You are great at keeping surprises! If I had gotten Brian a present that big I would have totally spilled the beans to someone at the party tonight and you didn't let on at all. Yay for Joey!

  5. How awesome! So fun. Great photos. I love his excitement in the last photo.

  6. I LOVE it!! Giving gifts is definitely more fun than receiving!

  7. What a great idea! I'm not sure what health issues your husband is having, but I will be praying for him!

  8. thank you for giving me something awesome to read...i really needed a break from school work. This is awesome. I'm always worrying about Money...but Dan always says, it's not a big long as we are smart and try to be good...when we need a splurge...we need a splurge...we are young and our incomes will only keep growing as we get older. I really happy that you could make Joey's night! Erin

  9. I like the dancing part of the X box...Love your blog and photography...So young and fresh ! Love it !
    I am following you back.
    Thank you for your visit !

  10. Lovely. Lovely surprise. Lovely gift. Lovely story. Lovely couple. I love you guys!! Now it would be great to see some silly pictures of you playing that thing! marme:)

  11. Smile from ear to ear over here! ha ha! What a great surprise and you are completely 100% right! Giving is sooo much better than getting!

  12. How sweet!!!!!! You're such a great wife :)


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