Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 18 and Day 19 - Project 31

Day 18 - Describe your Personality

I love socializing and hanging out with friends and family. It's a blast to host a fun party or get together and generally it doesn't stress me out at all. I love having a loud house, full of laughter and fellowship once in a while! On the other hand, I find that I charge best and thrive in my own home alone or with the hubs. I guess you could say that quiet places are comforting to me but, not all the time. I don't like having a crazy busy schedule and I don't do well with the go go go pace that some people thrive in....that stresses me out fast and I do not like how I feel when I am burnt out. I like to keep life simple and routines simple so there is enough time to get things done without rushing. I am mellow and laid back but, around some friends and family I enjoy being hyper and goofy. I have such a heavy, deep thought process but, I only let that show on the outside like 10% of the time and only with people I feel safe around because let's face it, not everyone can relate to heavy and deep right. I am the person who will see someone in a room who looks awkward and I will force myself out of my comfort zone to chat with them and help them to feel more comfortable because I know how awful it feels to be left out...been there, done that. I'm not that great with one on one hang outs with people I don' t know well. I tend to feel nervous and shy in that type of setting so I prefer getting to know people in a group setting first. I love humor, laughter and a good use of sarcasm and I am not one to be offended easily. I'm not hyper sensitive and I try to give people room to make mistakes and be who they are. Drama is not my thing. I can handle listening to other people's drama but, only to a certain extent and then I feel like my eardrums might explode. I am intensely aware of people, how people are feeling and their vibes, moods etc. I think that is why I enjoy counseling and psychology so much! I am a tad envious of people who are naturally oblivious to such things and who can socialize without being impacted by other people's negative vibes. I would say that I am a natural introvert who forces herself to be also be an extrovert because I have found that I enjoy the perks of both.

Wow! It is really hard to describe my own personality! You should try it sometime. My head is tired.

Day 19 - Write About Your Favorite Comfort Food

My comfort foods really do change quite frequently. I am not a crazy chocolate lover like most women but, then again after my daughter was born all I wanted to eat for the first 4 months of her life was a chocolate malt! Now I am totally over malts and I would say my current comfort foods tend to be things like neopolitan ice cream sandwiches, Coke, sushi, tea, (I know tea and coke are not foods but they do comfort me!), peanut butter toast with honey, mashed potatoes, fresh baked bread, anything with lots of cheese on it, uh, er, um, yah, and that is all I can think of at the moment. And let the record state that these are comfort foods...not things I eat all the time...though that would be wonderful!


  1. Wow, we have A LOT in common! That personality description was mine almost to a T!

  2. oh my gosh Casey....that description of yourself was so insightful. I knew I liked you but now I know we would be pretty much best friends (smile) I love the maturity in you to see as a young mom that you do better without all the busyness, the go, go, took me awhile with some hurt to realize this. You have much wisdom.

  3. ok we have THE SAME personality!!!!!! So cool:)


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