Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Balloons Are Scary

I had this fun idea to blow up a ton of balloons...okay, well that wasn't the fun idea and I almost passed out from being so out of air haha SO, I had this fun idea to put a bunch of balloons in Daisy's crib, dress her all girly and cute and get some BD fun pictures. The second I set Daisy in her crib filled with scary balloons she started crying which she doesn't do all that often. She never stopped crying either as you can tell. She was very unhappy with my idea but, I had to at least snap a couple pictures so you could see what she looks like when she is unhappy since I so seldom post pictures like this of Daisy;0. lol

I have to say that even when she is crying or scared she has the prettiest little face doesn't she! hehe
This was the last picture...you can probably see why
But, then we got out of the crib and onto the safe, balloon free floor and she took a minute to recover...
She must be thinking about those scary balloons still...
Okay, starting to feel better!

The last 4 nights in a row Daisy has slept from 7 or 7:30 at night until 6:30 in the morning!!! She usually wakes up once in the middle of the night but, has been putting herself back to sleep with no problem at all. I do have about 6 pacifiers in her crib and I keep one on a leash on her jammies and that does seem to help! lol. I am SO proud of her for more or less working herself into this over time without any crazy week long sleep training exercise. That being said, my encouragement to any of you mom's who have a horrible sleeper and maybe aren't fond of the CIO method take baby steps towards a full night. It took Daisy nearly 10 months to find her pacifier in her crib at night and I started putting the pacifier leash on her a couple months ago. It took her about a month to figure out how to put her leash pacifier in her mouth in the dark. Now that she can find her pacis she is going back to sleep on her own which is great! I also never took her out of her crib before her it was time for her to get up in the morning. I would go in and give her pacifier back to her in the early months and rub her back and leave. That seemed to teach her that she wouldn't be allowed to get up just because she woke up and eventually she started sleeping longer on her own.

Every baby is so different. I hope my next child is an amazing sleeper, but if he/she isn't at least I will have been there done that.

Daisy is waving hi and bye now. IT is SO cute to watch her little wave. She also likes to raise her arms above her head all the time now when she is happy or excited. I have a video to post later with her doing these things.


  1. Congrats on a full nights sleep! It warms my heart to hear a successful non- CIO story. Babies do get it, eventually. Good thing that parents are adults, we have the ability to be patient. ;-)

    Those pics are awesome! She's seriously a doll!

  2. That 2nd to last picture is my favorite - that expression is precious!!! And even the ones with her "upset face" are cute!!!

    Aaron has been waking up in the middle of the night lately, which was actually unusual for him...and I was getting up with him each time but a couple nights ago when it happened instead of getting up I told Michael I was going to give him 5 minutes to see if he would self soothe and go back to sleep. And sure enough he did!!! And he did it again last night, too!! He doesn't take a paci - but he sucks on two fingers instead.

  3. LOL why do we torture our children (including my cat). Too fun!

  4. Haha all her expressions are adorable and her outfit looks so cute! Thats so funny about the pacifiers...I know how you feel! thankfully we are past that stage:)

  5. that is so stinkin' cute! The sleeping issue? It sounds like you are reaching over a real big hump, happy constant sleeping to you. Those pacifiers....3 of my babies NEEDED them too! I have a funny post I am going to post here soon of my 4 year old finding one of his old pacifiers after moving my bed. It was like a long lost friend was found, it was soooooo funny! (he hasn't had a pacifier for a couple of years now~ but he still remembers the LOVE)

  6. Awe, she is so darn adorable! She really does still look like a cute little princess while crying. I think it's crazy how a child is so scared, yet so clueless about so many things. But, I love how wild it seems to get to learn all of those fears :) hope all is well!

  7. I use to take pictures of my children crying. They looked so cute and I wanted to capture every expression.
    Daisy, so cute!

  8. yay for full nights of sleep! she is so precious even when she is scared. he he. too cute!

  9. LOL, she's cute even with the scared look. The balloons were a great idea, who woulda known Daisy didn't like them? I guess some kids love 'em, some don't.

  10. Those leggings and tutu kill me!!! She just gave me one of those moments where I decided I wasn't done having babies. What a cute little scared face too. And yeahhhhh for her sleeping better!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I have some update on Cooper (sleep) too that I will be blogging about soon!

  11. That is the same face Jacob makes when he is upset. Wow..gotta love it! Yeah for sleeping through the night..we also have like 5 pacis in the crib..it is the best!! It is also fun to watch him in the monitor feel around for one find it, and go back to sleep!!
    Steph, Adam and Jacob

  12. Oh my goodness, that's hysterical! Those faces are very TT-like! HA! Love the story along with the pictures! :-)

  13. This is so cute :) I took some pictures of Raelyn recently, and she was terrified of balloons too! Who knew balloons were so scary?


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