Tuesday, February 1, 2011

She Makes Me Smile

I just adore this picture. Something about it speaks to me. Sweet, innocent and precious. I want to scoop this little person up and never let her go. I want to pinch those chubby cheeks and kiss that soft face all day long. Unfortunately, she only tolerates about 3 seconds of this form of torture so I have to really savor the moments while I can! lol

We hardly ever eat out anymore due to our new single income budget but, where else can you get a dinner for $6 for two people! You gotta love Taco Bell...well, you don't have to love it but, we sure do! Though I must be honest...it didn't sit well, on Daisy's tummy if you get my drift.

Daisy waiting patiently while daddy finishes a diaper change.
This picture is to show that our living room is actually full of toys and gets quite messy every day. I tend to only show pictures of our house when it is clean and I think people are starting to think I'm super, amazing, clean mom..I'm not...the secret is now out! haha
Gazing out the window. Perhaps planning her first escape??
She is actually not allowed in this corner because it is where all of our TV cables are but, of course she crawls in there every day and loves to play. I decided it's pretty harmless for the time being and it cracks me up to watch her wedge herself into this small space;0.
Lots and lots and LOTS of funny faces these days. Take this one for example...(pardon her runny nose...she and I have been bogged down with a nasty cold the past few days)
Or, this one...
Daddy installed Daisy's big girl car seat this weekend. Her feet were dangling out of the other one so it was time to move on. She looks so small in this one but, she did great in it!
"C'mon people. I don't have all day. Can we go please?!?!"



  1. Adorable! I love the one where she's playing with the t.V cables like "mom, I'm so cute right?" haha

  2. So adorable! I love her silly little faces!

  3. what a fun random post! I love these because then I get to see Daisy (and Casey would have been nice!) in all kinds of settings. Her hair is getting so long and really thickening out! So...am I that bad friend that mentioned her legs sticking out of the carseat and that is why you got the new one? Sorry...i think those infant carseats are always too small too fast anyways. Love the new one and I am sure she does too...soon it will be turned around!

  4. My friend, I love your blog! Beautiful pictures! I love the silly face!! I really like the color of your walls too! So, (off subject) I am still wondering, did you pick painting #1 or #2???

  5. We love us some taco bell! I love the pictures!! Her and kingston would get along so well. He always gets himself in the tightest places and wants to play there.

    She looks soo cute in her big girl seat!

  6. Awww. These are sooo adorable! I love taco bell too. Casey these are really amazing.

  7. I just love the joy written all over your blog! From the cute, cute pictures of Daisy to funny one with your hubby and Taco Bell...oh and I love your new blog header and design!

  8. I love the comments you put with your pictures! And we're always looking for a deal for dinners too - we started picking up a pizza from Little Caesar's on Tuesdays because it's only $3.99!!

  9. We had Taco Bell for lunch today!! Love it! Your daughter is such a cutie and makes me miss that age - even though we have lots of silly faces still!! Thank you so much for the kind comments on my Day 10 - so encouraging and just what I needed today!! Thank you!


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