Friday, March 5, 2010

36 Weeks ( late posting)

As you can tell by a picture post, we have our laptop back up and running all thanks to Joey and his awesome computer skills. Gosh I like my smart hubby! He is going to be gone at a 2 day fishing tournament this weekend so he made sure to have it fixed before he left cuz he knew I would need something to do. lol. Thanks babe! You are the best!!

So, here is the 36 week belly pic. My belly hasn't grown much in the past few weeks but, I think it's because our baby had an early growth spurt and then slowed down. My weight gain has been really slow over the past 3 weeks so that is where I am getting that idea from. lol. The doc. said that our little muffin probably weighs about 6.5 pounds right now which is the norm for someone who is 36 weeks pregnant. I finally settled on a pediatrician so that is done. Yeah! I went and bought a bunch of travel toiletries for the hospital stay so we are pretty much good to go. Yessssss! lol. The latest with the Braxton Hicks contractions is that when I have them I also get an intense heat flash and a killer dizzy spell that makes me see stars. I was watching a movie with Joey the other night and when I had my contraction I couldn't even see the TV and Joey said my face looked bright red like a cherry so I had to peel off some layers to cool down. Evidently the contraction pressure is causing the baby to pinch a nerve that is causing those symptoms according to the doc. Just under 4 weeks to go!! WooHoo!!


  1. first of all...LOVE your sweater...can I have it? SEcond, love the belly, I wish I could see you one more time to feel her move! Miss ya!

  2. I second Elissa's comment about the sweater...super cute. :-) As for the hot flashes when you have contractions, I totally had that when I was in early stages of labor with Claire, so I can sympathize with you. Not much longer though. Yeah!!!!

  3. Your have cute maternity clothes! You are so pretty! Casey!! You are almost there!!

  4. i also LOVE the sweater!!! where did you get it???? you look great!!

  5. You gals are too sweet. The sweater is from Forever 21 so go get one:) They had pink flowers and red flowers too!!


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