Monday, March 8, 2010

Crafty Baby Goodies

I just had to show off the adorable homemade stuff that my friend Marisa sent me for our little girl (the black head band is for me though:). Marisa rocks it on her sewing machine and I don't think that is something I will ever be able to master. I don't have the patience for that kind of craft nor do I have the mathmatical mind to measure and cut things to precision. I absolutely loved these goodies when I opened the box; so unique, creative, girly and fun! She sent a cute cupcake quilt, some burp cloths, adorable onesies and a baby headband along with one for me which I LOVE. If you ever need some one of a kind baby stuff or cute headbands let me know and I'll get you in touch with Marisa:).


  1. oh jeez! well i'm glad you like them!!! i can't wait to chat with you-at some point the stars will align and i can talk on the phone!! :)
    hope you are doing well mama!

  2. Oh does Marisa have a website?? I loooove the cute new stuff. Yay for building your little girl's wardrobe! PS- love the stroller. Can't wait for our stroller walks coming up very soon!

  3. wow Marisa you do great work! I love the rose theme too! Casey, your daughter is going to look adorable in that headband. You better wear them together sometime and post a pic.


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