Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Ok... So this is Joe here and my first attempt at blogging. Casey is not in any position right now to provide updates so I'm going to take a stab at it. LOL!

Casey and I arrived at the hosiptal this morning around 6:30 am. Thankfully Casey and I slept pretty well last night so we both feel pretty good. Our first task was to fill out the paper work which only took around 15 minutes and then we were assigned a private room. The room is really nice and quite large. We also were provided with a dedicated nurse and I feel she has been doing a wonderful job thus far.

Okay... So I'm not going to be elaborate, just provide updates so please continue to check in periodically for new details.

7:45 The doctor broke Casey's water
8:20 am Petosin administered
8:25 am Penacili administered

Unfortunately during the process I left to pick up the ipod for Casey which really bummed me out:( Casey is starting to have normal contractions now and she says they are the most painful she has had during the entire pregnancy. Everything is going well though. Stay tuned...


  1. Thank you for posting these Joey. I'll be hanging on your every word. May God grant Casey a quick and amazing labor experience. love mom

  2. The coffee is on and I'll be keeping vigal all day. I've got you covered in prayer! Your mom loves you to pieces!!!

  3. Oops! It's vigil. And it's usually kept at night but oh well. I'm posting anonymous cause it's easy for me so I have to put love mom every time. I hope you can see these. Love marme

  4. Thanks for posting updates Joey. I'm am SO excited for you two and can't wait to "meet" your little girl.

  5. yeah! thanks joe for the updates! You are a great excited there are no words! I am almost shaking! I think that is a bit scarey huh?


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