Friday, March 12, 2010

Doctor Appointment and Sleeeeep

First I have to share that it was so sweet of Joey to get off of work a hair early yesterday to take me to the doctor. He was worried that I might crash on the drive there because I could barely walk a straight line down the hallway of our house so it was probably a good thing he came. Plus, because he was there I think the Doctor's were far more attentive than they have ever been with me so lots of good things came out of his support:). After three consecutive nights of only sleeping 3 broken hours Joey made me promise to ask for a sleeping med. I have held out as long as I could not taking anything and my insanity alone made me realize it was time for some assistance. The doc. was only too happy to prescribe me something to help with my sleep and everything else at the appointment measured how it was supposed to. The female nurse assistant cracked me and Joey up because while she was measuring my stomach and feeling for the position of our baby girl, our little munchkin gave her a really solid kick in the hand! The nurse was cracking up over that and so were we. Our baby is sort of head down but, sideways right now. Her back and booty are smashed into my left side and her feet and hands are on my right side which would explain why I never feel kicks on my left side. Everything looked good and on schedule. I will have an induction appointment set in two weeks if the little gal hasn't made her debut on her own by then.

Anyhoo, I took a sleeping pill last night at 7:15 and waited in bed for it to kick in which took until about 8:30 PM. My computer was blurry and my head was dropping so I figured it was working. I slept super soundly from 8:30 PM until 3:30 AM by which time I was wide awake. This is the most solid, consecutive sleep I have had in months and though I could still use a few more nights to catch up completely, it feels great to have some sanity back today:).

Thank God it's Friday!!


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