Thursday, March 25, 2010

Proposed Induction Date - March 31st

The Doctor's office called me this morning and the earliest opening for an induction appointment is 6:30 AM on March 31st. I will first have my 40 week appointment on Tuesday March 30th at 3:45 PM to make sure that I am "still favorable" for an induction before they will give the final green light. I'm only bummed because Joey ideally will get one consecutive week off to stay home with me and so we were really hoping for Monday or Tuesday for that reason alone but, now it is sounding more like Wednesday and that sounds like it could even be pushed later if the hospital is full or if my other doctor who I meet with Tuesday doesn't feel like doing an induction Wednesday morning. I know God is in control of all these little details and regardless of what I want or think is best, our little girl will be born when God wants her to be. Though I might dig my heels in a bit, that is the way it should be. I'd rather have God holding the reigns than me. So, that's that for now.

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  1. ok, so that is a week away! I am sorry you are so on edge about the timing...I remember wanting Austin out sooo bad, but he came at the right time (5 days late too) and it couldn't have been more perfect. I pray that Joe's job situation goes well through out this all. Can't wait to see her adorable face!!


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