Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 31st Induction Day

I waited for ever to be seen by my doctor this evening so I apologize for the delay in posting the update. Everything is still a go for tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM for the induction. I am supposed to call the hospital in the morning to confirm that they are ready for me so things could still change but, at this point that is where we stand.

I have to be honest I am surprised by how neutral my emotions have been this evening but, then again I am not one to really bounce around or get really giddy about anything (inwardly yes, but outwardly not so much). I talked to a friend this evening (thanks L:) and she pretty much summed up how I am feeling in her words and it felt great to have someone affirm where I am at. I have had 40 weeks to process that I am pregnant and that I have a baby growing inside me but in only one day that all changes (in a wonderful way of course!). I cannot wrap my head around the fact that after tomorrow (theoretically speaking), we will be holding our daughter in our arms and she will be out of my stomach and will officially be parents for the rest of our lives. I cannot emphasize how eager I am to meet our little girl and to hold her and stare at her for days on end. I think that a lot of women probably feel this way at this point in their pregnancy and especially when it is their first child. Plus, I have the worst memory in the universe so I am just trying to document how I am feeling because I'd like to remember these things looking back.

We are going to the Cheesecake Factory tonight (now) to celebrate and to enjoy our last night before baby M. makes her appearance. This was Joey's idea:). Then we have to come home and get all our things packed up and ready to go for our early morning wake up call. WooHoo!

Either Joey or I will post updates as often as we feel up to it tomorrow. Keep us and our baby girl in your prayers if you could. We hope for a smooth labor and delivery and for a healthy and happy baby girl tomorrow!!

Night Night:)


  1. praying for you and joey and your baby girl!!!

  2. yeah!!! there are probably so many emotions going on that it can be hard to comprehend...good thing is, is that you are coherent at least for now and can try and remember all the moments to come! I thought you guys might hit up cheesecake factory! HAHA! have some of that great pasta for me! Jesus Bless this new journey you are about to begin...love you three!

  3. Many blessing to you guys tomorrow. I will be thinking about you all day. Love you Case! xoxoxox

  4. I'm gunna be an AUNT tomorrow!!! (theoretically of course)

  5. Yay! Can't wait to find our her name and see her beautiful face. The Fishers are praying tomorrow!


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