Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making progress

The nurse just came in and checked Casey's cervix. Casey is now around 5 - 6 centimeters!!!! She said that the baby has moved lower so we're getting really close. I'm sorry everyone has been waiting for so long but Baby XXXXXXX is patient unlike her father. The doctor said that Casey is officially in labor. The effacement is extremely thin, around 90%! Love you guys!


  1. Nice news... Ok my bet is she will have by 7:30 PM your time... :0)

  2. I'm crying very big happy tears!!!! I love you all!! Go Casey!! Come on Lilypie! Joey you give the best play by play ever!! love marme

  3. Hum, Lilypie. The same amount of letters to describe baby XXXXXXX by Joe.... Gramps:)


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