Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Sick - in case you were wondering

Friday-Sunday were absolutely awful, HE double toothpicks if you know what I mean. I haven't been able to get much sleep the past 4 months of pregnancy but, this cold/flu has negated sleep from my life entirely due to an incessant nose tickle and sneeze even when I was laying down with toilet paper up my nose. sigh. Today I have a super scratchy throat and a horrible cough and sinus pressure so I guess I'm not done quite yet. I'm only working a half day because I can't use my brain to much before it feels like it will implode. On a positive note:) I am SO thankful that I didn't have our baby girl this weekend. It would have been the most miserably joyous occasion I could ever have imagined and I am very glad I only had to deal with being very preggo and sick but, not popping out a kid and this sick. Thank you Jesus for that! Hopefully I will be fully on the mend and maybe even have gotten a little sleep before I have to birth a child!

Last night Joey went to the High School bible study group that he leads (Huddles) and the kids and other leader had thrown a "Daddy to be" type surprise party for him and me but, I was MIA sick. It really blessed me that they all went out of their way to make Joey feel special about being a dad. I don't think Dad's to be get enough attention or recognition when it comes to fatherhood so it made me happy that Joey got a little front and center spoil and support. Thanks Huddle gang!! You all are such a blessing to us:). Joey seemed most happy with the Barbie fishing pole that he was given....not for himself (lol) but, for our little girl when she is old enough to fish. It is so cute and I know that Joey has dreams of taking his little girl fishing. What little girl wouldn't want to fish with an awesome hot pink Barbie fishing pole?? I do have to say that it would be really funny to get a picture of Joey fishing with that pole...hmmm, something to think about! :)

39 weeks tomorrow and check up to follow. I'll keep you all posted if anything new comes up!

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  1. i feel for you...i just got over that, and it was THE worst. i think especially because we are pregnant it takes it out of you! hang in there...i can't wait to see pictures of baby girl..she will be here so soon!


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