Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just having fun while were waiting:) 2 hours ago


  1. AH I love it! Thank you Joe for posting this! If we have to be thousands of miles away, this is the way to go! Loving the updates and been lifting you up in prayer all night (I was up a lot) and will continue all day! MUCH love to the Martinez family!

  2. Well said Laura. And Casey, you're doing great! Remember to breath. :-)

  3. so great! keep the videos coming! But of course only to casey's discretion. Still smiling but I can tell they hurt! Are you gonna get meds? If you are, better sooner than later! Otherwise you are one tough cookie!!! I love it alll!

  4. casey you look amazing! great job, and i love that we can hear her heartbeat! (that's the stuff i can really relate to, haha!)

    joe, great camera and blogging work, thanks for the updates! we're continuing to pray for you all.

    p.s. take the drugs!!! :)

  5. Woohoo! The day has arrived! Thanks Joey for keeping us posted on the latest Casey/baby arrival news!! :) Casey, you look wonderful!

  6. You're definitely my hero. That's pretty much it.

    :) Praying for so much grace and strength for you right now!!


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