Thursday, March 18, 2010

38 weeks ish

Less than two weeks to go!! I now know that there is a reason why people are so impatient to have their babies born at this point. lol. It's not necessarily because they are over anxious to have their baby in their arms (though for some people I'm sure that is the primary reason) but, just because they are so dang miserable and they can't take it anymore. I didn't sleep more than 30 minutes or maybe an hour at best a couple nights ago. I had to go potty about 15 times and and I had contractions non stop which also kept our little lady up all night with me kicking like crazy. She's sleeping now (lucky baby!), but here I am awake and trying to get through another work day. The only other recent development in my symptoms along with the heat flashes and head pressure I get with each contraction is I am now getting horrible swelling in my hands and feet and as a result they feel like they are always in that tingling sleep mode. On Sunday at church it felt like I was standing on pins and needles the whole service and I couldn't even bend my fingers half way. It is a weird sensation to feel so continually. I know these things are all normal for very pregnant women. I'm more so just sharing them to document everything for my own personal reference later on so bear with me:). I have my 38-39 week appointment today and I'm curious to hear what the latest is. I'll keep y'all posted:).

On a more positive note: Joey and I had a wonderful date night Friday night! We finally found a Mexican restaurant nearby that serves their food with orange cheese (white is the norm here) and their rice and beans are the closest to what we are used to by our Californian standards. It was delicious!! Can't wait to eat there again. Saturday Joey took the day off from fishing to hang out with me so that we could enjoy some quality day time together and get some stuff done. We got a ton accomplished and enjoyed another delicious meal together at the Pizza Loop. They have amazing chocolate malts too:). Joey and I have also started walking together every night for a good mile or two which has been really nice and hopefully it will encourage our little girl to join us asap though no such luck yet obviously:). Sunday we enjoyed an awesome church service and then got together with Joey's mom, sister and some family friends who are visiting from AZ (Bryan, Lori and their 3 kids). It was Bryan's 40th BD so we celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum!! In spite of my aches and what not it was a wonderful weekend and we really are trying our best to savor these last few days together.


  1. When I was pregnant with Julien (my first) I had more sleepless nights and was so frustrated that as soon as I would get back in bed from going pee I had to get up and go again; over and over. I felt like sleeping next to the toilet. Each pregnancy got better (as far as peeing too much, hehe). Not that that helps you now or anything:). I'm glad you got to go on some dates. You're making me hungry! You guys are the CUTEST!!!!

  2. You love the cheesecake factory huh? IT is a good place though...maybe that is where I will get my carb-up before the race on sat? I pray you don't go overdue, the closer you get to the due date, the more you fill with weird! I am stoked about your appointment today, can't wait to hear how it goes!!!


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