Wednesday, March 24, 2010

39 week Appointment Update

Hi all. So, the latest is that I am 1 cm. dilated, approximately 60% effaced (same as last week) and my cervix is nice and soft according to my doctor. He said these conditions make me a "favorable candidate" for an induction appointment next week. In other words he said that my risks of having a C-section due to induction are very low because my body is progressing nicely on it's own. The induction specialist is calling me tomorrow morning to schedule my appointment for early next week most likely Monday-Wednesday depending on when my doctor is available. I honestly wasn't expecting them to schedule me for an induction until after my 41 week mark so it kind of caught me off guard a bit. It's also weird to know that early next week at the latest will bring the arrival of our baby girl. I'm still processing things over here but, of course we are very happy and just pray that everything goes smoothly with the delivery and that our baby girl is healthy and strong. I will post tomorrow with the actual induction date once I find out. Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen!! The Martinez' are about to become parents!!! lol.


  1. Are you seriously saying that next in 5 days you might be having your little girl? Or is it the first week of April? AHHHHHH!!!

  2. I'm holding my seat. I'm holding it TIGHT!!

  3. I had those same feelings days before I was having Brayden, like the last 9 months hadn't fully prepared my heart and all of the sudden I was thinking, "I'm going to be a MOM!" Crazy huh! SOOOOO excited! I can't wait to see her beautiful face!


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