Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Fling

Our church held it's annual Spring Fling today. Basically, it's a carnival type event and the most amazing thing is that the church finds a way to provide everything to the community at zero cost!! The rides, food, games, crafts, entertainment etc. is all free to anyone who wants to go! They had over 3,000 people show up last year and I'm sure that this year was just as many if not more because the weather was beautiful this year. I wasn't sure I wanted to go because I knew it would require a ton of walking (which it did) because there is no close parking but, I also didn't want to miss it because we missed out on last years. I'm so glad we stopped by because we got to visit with all of our friends, eat a hot dog, enjoy all the sights and smells and hold some babies:). It was a wonderful way to spend our last Saturday as just a hubby and wife:).

I also added a couple of pictures of the beautiful pear trees in bloom at Joey's work and also one of the flowering weeping cherry tree in our backyard. We still haven't planted it because we're not sure where we want it but, it sure added a nice burst of life to our blah, dormant backyard this spring!

Tonight we are watching a UFC fight with our neighbors. I'm very curious to see how these fights pan out and of course we hope GSP, our favorite fighter, kicks some booty!


  1. wow, your last weekend together. I hope you guys do something special.

  2. beautiful pictures! The colors are amazing...did you try photobucket? I love your weeping tree...wish we had one! I agree with Lindsey and hope you guys had a great last weekend. Now it is the start of a whole new life! YEAH!!!

  3. I love hearing my preggo sister talk about UFC. I don't's just adorable.

  4. Thanks Anna:) I'm more of a tomboy that you might realize:). Elissa, I used photoshop to edit the pictures a little but, the top pic was really just that blue on it's own..wasn't even my nice camera either! Guess I got lucky:).


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