Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Painting Toes at 39+ Weeks is a No No

hahahaha I just had to document this because I am lame enough to even try to paint my toes this far along. It is so warm and sunny out and I did not want to wear socks and shoes today so I thought to myself, "hey, I'll paint my toe nails and then I can enjoy flip flops!" Well, I first had to try sitting in about 5 different positions before I found one that allowed me to somewhat reach my toes and keep my hand steady but, it gave me the worst stomach cramp ever (and I'm sure the baby wasn't feeling too great all squashed over!!) from bending over my belly. Then because it was such an awkward position I got more paint on my feet (too much work to get it off) than on my toes and I dropped the nail polish brush on our carpet and now have a nice bright pink stain that I can't get out to remind me of my stupidity! hahaha...Okay, next time I'll just pay the $15 for a dang pedicure!! hehe


  1. haha, that's funny! Except for the carpet!

  2. Well goodness Case, I don't think your baby wants to be smelling nasty nail polish fumes anyways. WHEW! haha. I love you to....LIFE.


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