Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not much has happened in the last hour and a half. Grandma and Granddad stopped by to say hello and Casey had some broth to help satisfy her hunger. The nurse just increased the Petosin drip frequency so hopefully that helps. I'm just sitting her watching American Chopper on Netflix to pass the time. Thanks again guys for chiming in. Everyone's support has been amazing!


  1. Is another video possible???? love marme

  2. this is what they call, "the calm before the storm". :-)

  3. Yes the videos have been very nice you guys. We are following the event with you. Can you feel that excitement across all the states? :0) Love Shawnee

  4. chicken broth? weak sause. Get ready to rumble with the EL Tacolote Tostada Crush!
    I just had a long nice comment to to post but was unable to send it... Oh well. I just pray that everyone in the house of Martinez is blessed with love, heatlth and Pampers! In the name of Jesus Christ! Dad:)

  5. How's Casey? Is she sleeping? Is she nauseous...if not, this seems like it's going smoothly...just the way we want it! Go Casey, go!


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