Wednesday, March 10, 2010

37 weeks and Maternity Photo Shoot

Our friend Dana from church is an awesome photographer!! You can view the rest of our maternity photo shoot on her site by clicking here: Dana Jo Photography She had contacted me this past weekend to see if Joey and I might be up for doing a little maternity photo shoot so she could try out her new camera and equipment. I was like, "heck yes I'll volunteer!" lol. I never really wanted to have maternity pictures taken professionally because I don't particularly care to remember myself this massive and not just in my stomach mind you but all over! After seeing these pictures; however, I was so happy that we did this. Dana did an amazing job and I would highly recommend her if you need any type of photo session done. Plus we got to enjoy a gorgeous afternoon at the lake! Thanks again Dana for blessing us with these pictures. They will always be a wonderful memory for us to look back on:).

37 weeks and a couple of days now. Full Term!! I had a super rough afternoon/night of contractions for about 8 hours yesterday and I was honestly thinking that I might be going into labor. That is a first for me! I was cramping up the wazoo and having one heat flash and dizzy spell after another over and over again. It was rough. The only reason I didn't call the doctor is because I have had so many days with intense Braxton Hicks contractions that I don't even know how to count them or keep track of them anymore. I guess listening to my instinct was right because they calmed down around 11 PM last night and here we are today, no baby:). lol. My body is just doing it's thang and getting prepared for labor. I think our little gal has had another small growth spurt because my skin feels like it's ripping at the seems now. No amount of lotion seems to ease that tearing sensation so let's hope it can hang in there another 3 weeks or the baby might just come spilling out. lol:) Joey and I are about as ready as we'll ever be to head over to the hospital should she decide to come early. We are both very excited to meet our little one any day now!


  1. Casey these are great!! I know you don't believe it, but you really do look fantastic. I can not wait to see pictures of your beautiful baby girl.

  2. Thanks so much, Casey!! :) I'm really glad you two like them! You are beautiful, can't wait to meet your precious baby girl!!

  3. Mrs. Casey Martinez, doll I love watching your baby grow and I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to start a blog so PLEASE check it out its and the title is My Random Life... so thanks.

  4. Regardless of how "massive" you feel, you are GORGEOUS and you look great in these pictures!!! Glad that you had a good time doing it :) We'll be continuing to pray for you in the next couple weeks and that she'll get here soon!!

  5. Pregnancy is gorgeous no matter what (in my eyes), but seriously, these pictures are amazing! I love the talented Dana, and of course I love you too!


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