Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby #3 of 4 and Our Beautiful Cherry Tree

Our friends Brian and Lindsay Hege welcomed their little girl into the world really early on March 10th. They named her Lila Addison and she is absolutely precious. She has the tiniest features and has such a peaceful and serene look about her. Me and Joey just gobbled up our time holding her and all I could think about is how very soon I will be holding my own little girl in my arms! Now that the first 3 gals have had their babies (they all went in due date order) that leaves just me and Joey to join the baby boat. We are down to our last two weeks and it all feels so surreal right now. The past 10 months flew by and even these last few days in spite of the aches and sleeplessness continue to blow by us! The very last picture is of Joey holding Sam who was the first baby born in the group of 4. We went to the hospital with Sam's parents to visit baby Lila and Joey got to hold and watch Sam while Todd and Lindsey went and visited Lila in her hospital room:). Sam slept like a little angel the entire time:) We got lots of tiny baby time in this week:).

We planted our cherry tree last year after season so we never got to see it bloom but, this year it bloomed so beautifully and we are both enjoying every second of the brilliant pink blossoms. Cherry trees are always the first thing to bloom in North Carolina and shortly after the Dogwoods, Red Buds and so on will follow suit. Spring time in this state is gorgeous!! Our weather has been surprisingly spring like and warm the past week or so. It was about 68 degrees today with gorgeous blue skies and a mild breeze. What a great time of year to have a baby!


  1. you two look like pros at holding those newborns. :-) Hopefully the next baby pictures will be of your little Angel Martinez. ;-)

  2. What beautiful pictures! Tree and baby! You're up next!

  3. I love your tree!!! And if I didn't tell you, I love your maternity pictures!! They turned out great; so fun!!

  4. As much as I knew you weren't in labor yet or anything, I gotta say- I did a double take when I saw Joey in that yellow hospital gown holding a newborn!! Wow....2 weeks or less to go!


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