Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Woops. Now how did that video get there? HAHAHAH. I'm a guy with time on my hands; what can I say. I had to post something manly. Casey is not going to appreciate this!!!

On a positive note the contractions seem to be increasing. In the last 10 minutes Cssey has had 5 contractions. Not much pain yet though. Epidural will be coming shortly I'm sure. This anticipation is killing me!


  1. this is so neat to be reading this as you are there right now! I am not going anywhere all day and will be checking this site over and over as well as obsessively looking at my phone to make sure I haven't missed any texts. Love you Martinez family!

  2. no updates for almost 2 hours... I think some action is going on! Ooooo so excited over here!


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