Wednesday, March 31, 2010
My Mom, Sister and Aunt Kathy just stopped by to drop off lunch. Thanks guys! Just had a nutritious fried chicken sandwich and fries. It's the American way. Poor Casey is starving and can't eating anything until the baby comes out. The contractions are becoming more painful for Casey so they said they would be administering the epidural very soon. Within the hour they also will be checking her cervix for dilation. More to come...


  1. Hey guys! I am just tuning in here! I love all of your updates and videos! You guys are great! Casey, you are looking awesome! What an exciting day for you guys!!! Your in our prayers. Everything is going to go great!!!!

  2. Sweet friend, I am praying for you today!! I just saw all your posts, way to go hubby for taking such good care of the mama :) Once that epidural comes you will be a new woman! Come quick sweet baby! :)


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