Friday, March 26, 2010


I am not sure that I am as interested in cake decorating as I once thought before yesterday's 3.5 hour cupcake adventure. Perhaps it wasn't wise to try and tackle a hobby that required me to be on my feet continually for that long, or to have my back arched over the counter endlessly or perhaps I just really don't enjoy the tediousness as much as I dreamed that I would. I guess I will determine these things the next time I try decorating a cake or cupcakes when I'm not pregnant and miserable:). I have so many ideas in my head but, I quickly realized that without the proper icing, tools and patience these ideas will have to stay in my head. hahaha. Nonetheless, I learned a few things and I think I enjoyed the final look of this variety more than I would have a solid colored batch of cupcakes.

Joey is playing his video game as I type recovering from his second cold this month. Dakota is sleeping at our feet in her new bed and has an earache poor pup. Oh, did I mention that we have been training her to stay off the furniture and to instead relax in her own bed on the floor? We decided to do this for two reasons which we think are very fair. One: She has completely destroyed our furniture and that is not an exaggeration. The threads are pulled out all over the place and the cushions sink in on top where she sleeps on them. Quite unfortunate. Two: We don't want her jumping on our laps when we are holding the baby. We hope to avoid the baby getting scratched up if at all possible so hopefully this will help. She is a VERY stubborn doggie but, we are slowly making progress so we will see how this goes. :-)

I'm just chugging through these last few days. Having tons of heartburn now and my legs, toes and ankles are swelling every time I sit down. Quite nice to know that these symptoms are all almost over. Truly, we cannot wait to meet our little girl face to face in just a handful of days. What does she look like? How big will she be? What will my labor be like? etc. etc. Soon, these questions will have answers attached! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. those look soooo yummy!!!!! Baking is a lot of work, especially when you are pregnant...I still remember how exhausting it was to make that gingerbread house when I was pregnant.

    Counting down the days (hours maybe?) Casey!!

  2. seriously, I want to eat all those cupcakes right now. I have a massive sweet tooth right now and these picture aren't helping. :-) Moving on...I remember asking myself all those questions too. I'm so excited for you two and am praying you have a wonderful birth experience.

  3. Your energy astounds me! And those cupcakes look delicious :-) All those questions will soon be answered and your little girls will be here! We cannot wait for this exciting time ahead for you and Joey and little girl


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