Monday, March 1, 2010

Quick Little Update - and Birthday Shout Outs!!

First and foremost I would like to give a shout out to two of our awesome family members who just so happen to share the same birthday today. Daddy, Happy BIG 50th you young stud!!!! Jeremy Happy 25th you old man!!!! :). Hope you guys have a wonderful birthday today and hope you know how much Joey and I love you guys:). xoxo. I don't have a recent picture with us with Jeremy:(. Jeremy, next time you come out we need to get a good picture of all of us siblings together!!

So, turns out Joey will not be able to fix the laptop but, he found a company that he can send the parts to and hopefully they will be able to. I never realized how often I uploaded pictures until my computer was taken away from me! I have things I need to try and sell on Craigslist but, can't because I can't upload the pics, I have TONS of pictures to blog about but, can't. Oye. If this company can resolve the issue and we can get back up and running in no time. YEAH!! Blogging withdrawals are no fun. lol.

Joey is uber sick poor guy. It came on kinda slowly so we werent' sure how bad it would be but, he missed his fishing tournament Saturday, Church on Sunday and now work today. Poor baby:(. Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day for him:)

I went to lunch with my neighbor gal pals on Saturday and they blessed me with a gift certificate to a message place nearby. I have never had a message before and I am sooooo looking forward to using that gift certificate sometime after the baby is born to relax and unwind. Thank you ladies so much. That was so awesome of you all!

36 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I have belly pictures to post but, looks like they might be a tad late at the rate of which things are going. I am still split sleeping between my bed and the couch every night but, honestly I think my body has truly gotten accustomed to the 5ish hours a night that I get. I'm wiped out, exhausted by 7 PM everyday but, overall I seem to be adapting so Praise God for that:). Hopefully it will help with all the sleepless nights with an infant:). I have tons of Braxton Hicks contractions and they seem to get a bit stronger the closer I get to my due date. 4 weeks to go!! :)


  1. Well, I sure hope you get to post pics by the time your baby comes! Seems like Joey has been sick a lot this year. I hope he gets better. Hopefully you guys are getting all the sicknesses out of you before baby girl comes! As far as being tired...for me, (besides the first couple of weeks of bringing home baby), pregnancy is way more tiring than getting up several times a night with the baby. It's still hard, but seriously being pregnant is just so exhausting constantly. So hang in there a little longer...glad you are adjusting though!

  2. Sorry about poor Joey! Praying for a better week, although I am sure the forcasted snow would not help him feeling better. Sad we haven't gotten to spend any time together lately. Hopefully I will see you at the Chaisson's later tonight!


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