Monday, March 22, 2010

Publish Your Blog - SO AWESOME!

Sick or not something wonderful came in the mail today that made it all worth it!

I'm sorry to admit it but, I am huge fan of blog, uh, blog admiring sounds much better:). I love to check out other people's creativity with their blogs and their lives. I like to get ideas from their photography styles, their hobbies like baking, art, sewing, shopping tastes etc. I learned to enlarge my pictures on my blog by observing other blogs, developed a desire to be more decorative with my baking and even found this AMAZING blog2print website by admiring someone else's blog.

I have been telling Joey for the longest time that I was SO bummed that I am investing so much time in this blog only to know that if the website ever went down or for some reason I stop blogging, I would lose years of diary like details on our lives. No one that I know knew of a solution to the problem other than copy and pasting every single blog entry onto a word document....uh, for the record I have nearly 179 pages of blogging on this website. I had just been telling Joey a couple weeks back that someone should come out with a printing solution for bloggers. Well, blog stalking pays off folks (I am a safe stalker for the record and never mean to threaten any one's privacy...I just like to steal their ideas:). I found this website on another gal's blog: blog2print, and the website is:

I was a little hesitant at first but, I uploaded my blog and chose all the fun details from my cover look, cover pictures, back cover pictures, wrote my own dedication page, it creates a table of contents for you, then you pick your layout style (different styles cost more or less), I chose hardcover over soft because I wanted it to last longer and wallah. It whips up a total for you based on the amount of blog entries you are posting and within 2 weeks, your blog memories will show up in a nicely packaged box on your doorstep to forever be remembered in a tangible form. You can also choose a CD-Rom if that is your preference and it is much cheaper! I spent about 2 hours reading my entire blog book tonight and reminiscing over all the pictures. I am THRILLED! The picture quality is not perfect and the pictures aren't very big but, they get the job done and I seriously think this is one of the most exciting things I've ever treated myself to:). I feel like a published author though I noticed tons of typos since I never proof read my blogs! hahaha. Anyways, I figured some of you other blog folks and stalkers might like this information so go to blog2print and get your blog published today:)! (I should get a discount on my next book for this passionate sales pitch!

The last pic is of my new spring wreath cuz it's pretty (half off at HH Greg, yah baby!) and Dakota sitting in the doorway watching our every move. lol. Spring is here, the flowers are blooming and our baby could be here any day!!! WooHoo


  1. Thank so much for sharing that! Are you going to print another in a few years after the babe has arrived! I am sure you will have twice as many posts during that time! Love the wreath! a cool rice crispy treat baking recipe to share with you!!!

  2. WOW, what a great idea!!! i'll have to remember that!! your blog book looks awesome!!!

  3. So does it capture the comments too?? My sister wanted to do this but I'm not sure if she ever found a site that does it - I'll have to forward this to her. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing. I'm Mherrera sister ;) I want my memories published sometime for my children.

  5. I love it! I knew you could do that, but I've never seen an actual picture of how it turns out! It's better than I imagined. It looks like a year book; it's so cool!


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