Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby #2 of 4

Isn't the little bumpkin adorable!! Below: the third mama Lindsay and her hubby Brian
Diana, me, Jennifer and Lindsay holding Raelyn. Lindsay is the one in labor as I type:)
Wes and Diana

I just got a text literally moments ago that the 3rd gal in our group of 4 is being induced as we speak!! Say a prayer if you could that her delivery goes smoothly and that her miracle baby is born healthy and strong! We can't wait to go visit them at the hospital hopefully sometime tomorrow! That being said, I figured I had better post the pictures of my visit to see baby #2 at the hospital on Saturday now since I will have another baby to post on very shortly:).

Evan and Jennifer welcomed their daughter into the world around 11:30 PM or so this past Saturday night. They named her Raelyn Austin Chaisson. I hope I am spelling that right. She has the most adorable tiny features and a ton of thick black hair:). She looks a lot like her mama from what I am hearing. She is the second tiny baby I have held in the past month and being that my little girl could be here any day now just made holding her so priceless. I couldn't stop staring at all her precious details and I even had a little conversation with her. lol. Congrats Jen and Evan. She is priceless!! I wish I had a better picture of the baby close up but, eventually we will be posting lots of pictures of our 4 babies together so hang tight:).

I will post a 37 week belly shot tomorrow. I don't think it's grown much since last week but, you might disagree:). Stay tuned for baby #3's arrival!!

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  1. So, I just want you to know that I ABSOLUTELY hate the picture of me in the hospital. I look better minutes after I gave birth than I did there. That would be the result of labor, not getting to our room until 3:30am, nurses starting to come in and check/poke at 5:00am, and shortly after visitors coming all day, plus the pain/soreness and complete exhaustion had set in. I do NOT want to remember me looking like that, haha. But you guys look great! I can't wait to come and visit you soon! Praying for your daughter to come soon :)


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