Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rugs and Sick Me

I started feeling sick Thursday at my doctor's appointment. I actually thought it was allergies at first because spring is knocking on our door here in NC and the pollen always messes me up really bad but, by Friday morning I had a horrible sore throat, faucet nose and tons of sinus pressure in my head. By mid day I wanted to cut my nose off...literally so I had to go to bed but sleep is impossible with a tickle nose. Today is no better so instead of accomplishing all the things on my to do list I get to sit on the couch and blog and fart around on the internet all day. Perhaps this is exactly what God wanted me to "treat" myself to at nearly 39 weeks preggo but, I don't like sitting still for this long!!! I wanted to go to Babies R Us, finish painting our baby girl's name letters and bake cupcakes with my new decorating kit:) lol:) Oh well. Instead of those things, I will bore you with pictures of rugs that I like. Rugs, you ask? Yes, for fun I am trying to create a digital folder of pictures of how I would like to decorate our dining room and I am realizing how hard this will be because I have multiple decorating personalities! hahah. I love traditional, modern, chic, country, retro, etc. If I can't even decide on a rug how will I decide on an entire dining room? hahah Does anyone else have this problem? Fortunately I am not in a hurry so there is really no issue:). I just wish I could design a room without so much hesitation. lol.

Joey is fishing with his Granddad today and from what I hear he is having a great fishing day which would be his first of the season. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I've been wanting him to get a good fishing day in before the baby is born and he was striking out left and right. Catch a big one baby! You SO deserve it my hard working man!!

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  1. Love the 5th one down with the flowers! I am so sorry you have been sick. Being crazy pregnant is uncomfortable enough, nevermind having a cold/sinus issues! Praying for some miraculous healing...and a very soon delivery! We cannot wait for our playgroup to be complete and have all our precious babies together :-)


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