Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Maternity Pics and an appointment update

Unfortunately I don't really feel like taking the time to make all of these bigger pictures so I am keeping them small. Sorry about that. If you want to see any of them bigger just click on the picture and it should enlarge on a separate screen. I just got my disc of all the pictures back from Dana and there were so many great shots that it was hard for me to even choose which ones to put up on the blog. Dana has such a creative eye and I am so happy to have these pictures to capture our memories when years have gone by. Hope you don't mind all the bare belly shots. I have since developed some lovely stretch marks so I enjoy looking at these pictures before the damage was done so to speak:) lol.

I had my 38 week appointment today and the doctor said that I am 60% effaced and the baby is totally sunk into position which is great. I am not dilated yet which surprised me only because of how intense and frequent my braxton hicks contractions are. The doctor said that the BH contractions aren't necessarily an indicator of dilation so much as they are of effacement as they help shift the baby into place. Okie Dokie doc. :). I had total peace when I left the Doctor's office today though. I know our baby will come when God wants her to and I don't want to rush her just yet (though my body would love the relief!). She'll be here before I know it whether that day be today or two weeks from now. The doctor also guesstimated that she will be about 20-21 inches long and about 7 pounds 10-12 ounces by the end of next week. Only time will tell:). Thank God tomorrow is Friday! I hope to be nice and lazy this weekend!


  1. you have no idea how much fun it is to see you pregnant casey. You have such a glow and ease about you even being so far along. It just fits you! Even though I know no woman would ever want to be pregnant forever! HA! She will come my dear and the date is already determined! So comforting to know!

  2. Wow Casey! It is so crazy to see you pregnant!! I am so excited for you two and I really wish that I lived close by to help you out with meals once that little girl decides to come out. I agree with Elissa and think you look beautiful totally have that perfect round pregnant belly that most woman want. ;-) I keep forgetting to ask you...are you doing the pregnant waddle yet?

  3. These are such beautiful pictures! I remember being gigantic and almost done with my pregnancy at this time last year. It's so much fun to see you at the same point this year! You are such a beautiful pregnant lady! Enjoy the last few days/weeks of your pregnancy! It's such an amazing feeling and time. Believe it or not you'll miss it after a while!

  4. Awwww, these are such wonderful pictures. I'm glad you let your friend take them because I'm sure they are going to become treasured possessions :) You should frame one of them and place it in your baby girl's room.

  5. Again, so beautiful! I love those pictures!!! Keep chuggin' Case!


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