Thursday, March 4, 2010


I just hopped onto one of the photography blogs that you can link to from the side of my blog: Amelia Lyon and they had posted a ton of pictures from their recent trip to Haiti. The pictures are so riveting and beautiful but, the ones that struck me the most were the pictures that showed the doctors or parents who had just lost a child or a loved one lifting their hands towards Heaven and thanking God for the time they had shared with the person they loved and praising God in the face of the most horrible loss and disaster. I choked back huge sobs as I sat there staring at those pictures and my mind traveled to all the things that I can get so distracted by or wrapped up in here in the states where life is pretty posh for the most part. Sure, we don't all drive Ferarri's or live in beach side mansions overlooking Malibu but, we are still SO RICH and we have sooooo much to Praise God for and to be thankful for!

So, in light of that I wanted to take a minute to praise God! In good seasons and bad, God's love is so faithful and he never leaves us nor forsakes us!

Thank you Lord for...

This child that you have allowed us to conceive. We are so excited to be her parents and to love and care for her as long as we live. She is a priceless gift!

My wonderful husband who has brought so much love, joy, passion, excitement, laughter and adventure into my life. I thank you for every day I get to spend with him and pray that I never take him for granted!

My family (on both sides) who have been so supportive and consistent in my life through all the seasons I have weathered. I am incredibly blessed to have so many loving, giving, caring people around me.

My amazing friends! I am such a lucky gal to have so many ladies in my life that I can bounce things off of, complain to, laugh with and grow old with. You are each priceless to me!

My home, running water, indoor plumbing, showers, a microwave (hey, I'm pregnant!), a TV to veg. out in front of, clothes, food always in the fridge, blankets to keep me warm, a heater, an air conditioner, a cozy bed to sleep in, a computer to blog on, a mail box to get goodies in, a yard to play in and extra rooms to pack with junk!

My job and my husbands job that pay our bills and even provide us with little extras to go out on date nights and hang out with friends etc!

Our vehicles that get us from A to B and then some if we need them to! Joey has his dream truck finally which makes me so happy because he deserves it and I have a great SUV to accomodate our growing family:).

Freedom from religious persecution!!! I am so blessed to live in a country that offers it's citizens so much freedom, especially the freedom to worship as I please without being imprisoned or fearing for my life. Wow!

This list could really go on forever but, this will do for now:0. Thank you Jesus for everything! You are worthy of all of our praise!

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  1. Those images made my body shake and tears flow from my eyes, thank you for sharing that site with us Casey...there is just too much to be thankful for and I've really been thinking lately not only about how blessed I am, but how quickly it could all be taken away, and the suffering of those in which it has been. Studying Job during this time of Haiti, and Chile, has been truly sobering! Thank you again my dear sweet Casey!


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